What is Thanx?

Welcome to the world's first fully-automated customer happiness platform. Thanx is the only loyalty solution that removes the technical hurdles standing in the way of customer loyalty, allowing consumers to participate effortlessly and merchants to easily create powerful experiences that delight.

Dave Petroske
12 months agoAugust 30, 2016
Sounds a lot like a product I piloted in 5 locations several years ago called Tabbed out. We were very excited about the functionality but customer acceptance and use was an issue. It also failed on many instances. The pricing structure was out of line as well.

How does your product differ from TabbedOut?
Margaret Link
12 months agoAugust 30, 2016
Hi Dave, the main difference is that programs like TabbedOut require customers to pay with an app on their phone. Thanx doesn't require customers to change their behavior at all; once they've signed up, they just pay with their credit card as usual — no need to open the app to transact. 

This avoids all the points of friction that prevent customers from engaging with a program long-term; gotta make it easy to use for customers so they actually use your program. 

Feel free to email me at margaret@thanx.com and we can speak in more depth. Looking forward to talking with you.
9 months agoDecember 1, 2016

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